Ways to have delicious beans
Benefits and properties of beans; from lentils to chitin beans


White bean has a large root of the right root and abundant root and is produced by inoculation of its fruit, which is in the form of pods or nyms. Pregnant women use it green. Green beans are part of the warm season and are quite sensitive to frost and frost. The best temperature for growth is 15-30 ° C. The design was done on a Sun Sai bean cultivar at a university farm within 3 months. Initially, soil preparation was carried out. Green beans grow in any kind of soil. The best soil, clay soils – sandy

Be With PH = 5/5 – 5/6. Potassium phosphate fertilizers are added to the ground before planting. The land is in the form of a square of m216 and the plotting takes place

Random Blocks are random. The spacing of the rows in the plot is 30 cm and the planting depth is 4 cm. On 9/4/86 seeds were planted.

Plant spacing on soil
CM 25 3D
CM 20 2D
CM 15 1D
CM 10
CM 25 3D
CM 20 1D
CM 10 2D
CM 15
CM 10 2D
CM 15 3D
CM 20 4D

CM 25
CM 15 3D
CM 20 4D
CM 25 1D
CM 10

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Repeat 3

Repeat 4

The first harvest was carried out on 20/5/86 and was weighed after harvest.
Repetition 1 kg 844/2, Repetition 2 kg 320/2, Repetition 3 kg 052/3, Repetition 4 kg 616/3, Total weight: 832/11 kg
Second impression took place on 14/6/86.
Repeat 1 kg 509/2, repeat 2 kg 432/2, repeat 3 kg 085/2, repeat 4 kg 311/2, total weight: 337/9 kg
Third impression was taken on 29/6/86.
Repeat 1 kg 437, repeat 2 kg 436, repeat 3 kg 290, repeat 4 kg 302/2, total weight: 429/1 kg

Introduction :
Since the early 20th century, the world’s population has been plummeting rapidly with agricultural lands and gardens, as well as forests and pastures by humans to shelter, roads, factories and other necessary facilities. The disappearance of agricultural land actually causes a loss in food production, and as a result, people are getting worse and worse day after day.
The daily energy requirement of humans is 2800 calories. In advanced countries, daily intake

Calorie 3500 and in third world countries, this amount is 200 kilocalories per serving per day. Statistical studies have shown that in parts of the world that are commonly referred to as the developing world and account for 2.3% of the world’s total, there are incomplete nutritional indications / on average the diet is more starchy, especially in the Third World, and Products such as rice, wheat, corn

, Sorghum, millet, as well as tuberous plants such as potatoes, etc.
The plants are not rich in proteins, and protein deficiency in the feeding of millions of people in the above-mentioned countries is problematic. Protein is one of the major nutrients in human and animal nutrition and is available from two sources of plant and animal. The amount of protein in the plant source

set . For example: protein in cheese 25%, fresh meat 15-20, fish 10 to 15, egg 13, milk 3/3 and butter 0.6% in sound. While the protein contained in dry peas is 25, 24/2, dry beans 22, wheat 14, rice 8 and potatoes 2%. From the comparison and the high protein content, the importance of the vegetable protein and especially the protein in the beans is clear.

To be However, it should be noted that proteins in animal foods due to the presence of more amino acids and quantities of amino acids are more valuable than plant proteins, but it should be noted that plant proteins are the basis for the production of animal protein such as red meat, chicken , Fish, milk and egg. Therefore, in countries that eat meat and dairy products economically or for religious reasons, legumes can be a major source of food preparation (protein). In addition, legumes not only complete the main food of the people from a nutritional point of view, but also diversify the diet.
Beans, in addition to supplying the protein due to a feature that is almost unique to plants of the family of legumes, that is, the presence of N-stabilizing bacteria on the root, is effective in soil fertility and every year large amounts of nitrogen are added to the soil after harvesting of these products. . Other parts of some glomerular plants such as leaves, stems, flowers, pods, yarnas and tubers as human food, livestock and green manure can be used to strengthen and improve the physical condition of the soil. Beans in terms of storage and maintenance of the office to some Crop products are more suitable and less vulnerable to insects and pests and therefore they can be stored for a relatively longer period.

, According to a study carried out, said that among bean bean beetles (rufi manus brochus), the susceptibility of the pest to exceptional storage conditions is considered to be an exception and is considered to be a critical storage plant. This pest not only feeds on beans, but also to other beans such as peas, beans, and nuts.
Beans, having 18 to 32 percent protein in the seed, play a very important role in human life, although they are not like cereals as human life. Like rice, the food of Mohsou unit

They do not get bored or like meat to human taste, but because they are rich in protein

They can be considered as relatively good replacements for animal proteins in poor countries, the so-called Third World.
Foods containing animal proteins such as red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. are less accessible to the poor because of the high prices. While the products of the legumes are at a cost