Arian Dorsa Company was established in 2003 in Markazi province (Iran's Bean Production Center) with the objective of trading (import and export), distribution, production and packaging of food products. The company started its activities in the distribution and distribution of food products in the central province of the province and simultaneously entered the field of import of legumes such as lentils and chickpeas and export of legumes such as white beans. Arian Dorsa has packed and shipped legumes, dried fruits and grains in different grades and at the highest level of quality with the brand Heliya, and since 2013, it has been equipped with expertly trained and technologically qualified factory staff. Equipped and launched the world's premier technical and technical knowledge in the city of Arak. The managers and staff of the Arian Dorsa Plant are committed to following the principles and rules governing: the proper maintenance of raw materials, classification, purification and sorting, packaging, quality control and final testing in the laboratory, quality product, health, Standard and in accordance with consumer tastes. Due to its valuable and specialized grain legacy, the company not only supplies its own raw material to the mass but also provides the material for the domestic product of a number of packaging companies active in the industry and canning industries. Be With the aim of marketing, Arian Dorsa's vice president of marketing has been able to develop market strategy and, with short-term planning, part of the domestic markets such as chain stores, consumer cooperatives, organs, organizations, hypermarkets and supermarkets The province of Tehran and several provinces of the country have become influential and have a share of sales. Therefore, we strive to help God through maintaining the quality of our product and packaging, and using the new techniques of marketing and public relations, to develop our market and contribute to the expansion of packaging and supply of domestic products and service to this border. Have this industry.